12 Beers Of Christmas

On the 1st day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: A dark beer with hints of coffee

Introducing our smooth and elegant Black Panther. This breed is a tall dark and handsome beer brooding by the bar with its rich and complex flavour and biscuit backbone. Speciality grains provide a distinct roasted character with chocolate and coffee charm.  English hops ensure that the Black Panther leaves you with a bitter sweet finish that you will want to savour by the side of a festive fire. The full-bodied Black is a complex character with hidden depths of flavour which can be uncovered by pairing with oysters or seared steak. A perfectly flame grilled burger or steak will pair up with the Black’s roasted flavours making it an ideal companion. The versatile black can also be paired up with the traditional Christmas pudding matching the puddings rich complex flavour expertly. You can even knock it up a notch and try using some Black Panther in your home-made puddings

On the 2nd Day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Two Red Panthers

With a right hook of hops and biscuit bite our Red Panther packs a perfect punch. A raft of speciality malts amplifies the roasted biscuit flavours which lull you into a traditional red ale comfort before bringing you round with a blast of New Zealand hops. The mix of such bold flavours makes our Red the ideal accompaniment to most rich winter comfort foods as well as being light enough to bring you back to summer sun and BBQ’s with friends. A social beer to be enjoyed with good food and better company, share some love this Christmas with a box of red to celebrate the season

On the 3rd day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Three Bread Bitters

The natural haziness gifted by the wheat beer yeast gives Bread and Bitter its delicious full-bodied flavour making it perfect for dishes such as the classic bangers and mash. In the days after Christmas bread and bitter will pair perfectly with the traditional leftover meats and gravy making the often-dull post-Christmas meals refreshing long into the new year as you slowly deplete your stock piles of leftover turkey and other meats


On the 4th day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Four Winter Porters

Our winter seasonal sets the tone with its dark rich body giving off hints of chocolate and vanilla with a wisp of smoke complimented by its clean bitter finish leaving you wanting more. While the Winter porter works perfectly one its own in front of a roaring fire it will also pair nicely with any rich chocolate desserts. The classic Christmas yule log makes a perfect partner bringing all the chocolate and vanilla notes to the surface.


On the 5th day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Five golden beers

The Golden Panther has a simple malt backbone that gives it just a hint of biscuit which allows the American hops to really shine through. These hops give the Golden its citrus aroma that gentle leads to a more floral tone giving a refreshing mouthfeel while the relatively low alcohol content makes it easy to drink alongside almost any meal.

We believe that the light citrus tones of the Golden Panther make it a perfect match with sea food allowing the delicate flavours to come through. Why not have a Golden Panther accompany you while tucking into the traditional prawn cocktail starter on the big day.

On the 6th day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Six Beasts a laying

A straight forward malt bill makes way for the aptly named Beast of the Easts fruity punch with the use of American and New Zealand hops which pair up with the stronger abv creating a perfect amber IPA treat.

The strong bitter and fruity elements of the Beast make perfect partners for the classic curry. Neither curry or beer overpower each other allowing them to work side by side. Ideal for any level of curry from spicy madras to the tame korma. Over the festive period why not make a fiery turkey curry with the left over meats and have the Beast of the East sit proudly next to it!

             On the 7th day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Seven pales ales a drinking

Despite being the newest of the core range the American Pale Ale can certainly stand its ground. The malt bill gives it a crisp clean flavour that allows the American hops to power through and create a wave of citrus and tropical notes.

The crisp bite makes it perfect for poultry dishes allowing all the flavours to shine through. Why not try it alongside some marinated chicken and quinoa! Despite being a relative newcomer the American Pale Ale will happily barge its way onto the main table and sit proudly next to the Christmas dinner on the big day.

On the 8th day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Eight Panthers a sipping

The festive Panther is designed for this time of year with its winter spices making you feel warm and fuzzy whatever the weather is outside. Whether drinking in a pub or while chilling out next to an open fire the rich smooth body of the festive Panther is a delight on the senses allowing you to sit back and think of the festive fun still to be had.

What better way to enjoy a beer that sums up Christmas then to sit it next to the food that also sums up Christmas, the humble mince pie!

On the 9th day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Nine Panthers a buzzing

This light golden beer is oozing honey flavours with real honey used at several points throughout the brewing process. The German hops give it a clean gentle bitterness that allows the sweetness of the honey to shine through unhampered. Although typically associated with the summer weather the lightness of the Honey Panther makes it an ideal drink for any time of the year when you fancy something that little bit sweeter.

The honey Panther can be paired with the glazed gammon joint helping to bring out all the sweet flavours. If you really need your honey kick why not glaze the gammon with a mixture of real honey and Honey Panther for the ultimate honey fix. Due to its light body and low bitterness the Honey Panther can easily be paired with more subtle dishes such as chicken and salads bases.

On the 10th day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Ten fiery Panthers

This Panther doesn’t just lurk in the background but instead bounds toward you with its fiery bite before being soothed by the smooth wheat body and hint of lemongrass that makes up the core of this hot-tempered ale. German hops create a crisp bitterness that allows the ginger to punch through the cloudiness produce by the wheat beer yeast. Make sure you stir in all the settled yeast to keep the Panther at bay!

Wondering what to do with all that left-over meat after the big Christmas meal? Why not turn It into a Thai curry and serve next to the Ginger Panther to give boxing day a fiery kick and awake everyone from their food induced slumber.

On the 11th day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Eleven Hot Pink Panthers

With its vivid pink colour, love it or hate it the Pink Panther doesn’t care! This fruity wheat beer offers up a smooth cloudy mouth feel that lulls you into a false sense of security before its sharp fruity twist hits you leaving your taste buds tingling for more.

With its sharp fruity hit the Pink Panther fits perfectly with a rich black forest gateau matching the sweet/sour hit of the cherries mixed in with the rich and complex chocolate flavours. If that’s too much richness for you then try the Pink Panther with the traditional cheese board where the cheeses round of the Pink nicely.

On the 12th day of Christmas Panther gave to thee: Twelve Panthers a driving

HOPSTA is unique in that it’s brewed to have all the flavour and aroma of a typical beer while keeping the abv below 0.5% to keep it classed as alcohol free. Many years of experimenting and tweaking the recipe has led to the current iteration of HOPSTA. With it’s smooth taste, crisp finish and lasting bitterness the HOPSTA manages to pack a hoppy punch with its use of powerful American hops such as Citra, Cascade and Chinook.

If you have been made the designated driver and feel like you have been condemned to soft drinks or fizzy grape juice this Christmas then fear not! HOPSTA is here to give you that real ale taste while keeping you safe and legal over the festive period. Remember only fools drive over the limit!