Find out about our award winning core beers and our seasonal specials.

Core Beers

  • Golden Panther Beer
    Golden Panther 3.7% Our award winning golden ale is well rounded and refreshing with a fresh and aromatic hop kick! Using American hops our Golden Panther has a citrus flavour and floral aroma. A hoppy and refreshing golden ale to be enjoyed all year round.

  • Red Panther Beer
    Red Panther 4.1% Our award winning red ale is deliciously clean and toasty with nutty caramel undertones, rounded with a crisp hoppy finish. Packed with flavour our Red Panther exemplifies the bite to expect from us at Panther Brewery, showing we don’t do things by halves (unless you bring by a small glass!).

  • Black Panther Beer
    Black Panther 4.5% Our award winning stout is smooth and rich with a complex full flavour. It’s our dedication to the cunning and prowess of the mysterious Panther which has allegedly stalked the Norfolk countryside for almost a decade.

  • Honey Panther Beer
    Honey Panther 4.0% Our award winning honey ale is a light and refreshing golden ale with a bite of honey. Carefully balanced this ale has a full body with a floral honey aroma and real honey flavour. We don’t like the idea of people using flavourings to produce unnaturally sweet beers. We do it the proper way – balanced with real honey!

  • Pink Panther Wheat Beer
    Pink Panther 4.0% This Belgian style fruit beer has a full body and a bitter sweet fruity finish. With sweet and sour notes combined with a smooth wheat base this is a smooth and refreshing drink, ideal to be served chilled in the summer months.

  • Ginger Panther Wheat Beer
    Ginger Panther 3.7% Our award winning ginger wheat beer with a fresh and flavoursome ginger kick! Brewed with loads of fresh ginger, lemongrass and some chilli it’s a delight for the palate and a great accompaniment to any Thai curry!

  • Panther Cub Beer
    Panther Cub 2.5% Deceptive in flavour and body our Panther Cub is a refreshing amber ale with floral aromas and a light bitter finish given to it through the use of New Zealand hops!

Seasonal Brews

  • Panther Mild Beer
    Panther Mild 3.3% A traditional full flavoured mild, with a dark brown colour and red tinges this mild contains lots of dark malt flavours and aroma. A refreshing and moreish beer paying homage to the now scarce style.