This year, this special day will be celebrated on Sunday the 21st of June. For many this may be a tough time, as many ‘dads’ have passed away due to this awful virus that has swept across the world over the last few months. Our thoughts are with them at this time.

As we gradually head towards further easing of the lockdown measures imposed, some may be lucky enough to spend time with their father’s, whilst others, with the wonders of technology can ‘Facetime’, WhatsAppVideoCall, Skype or even a good old-fashioned phone call (remember them!).

The question we all ask ourselves in the run up to Father’s Day is what do I buy him?! For the older generation, they have countless Father’s Days behind them and have no doubt received many gifts that a few week’s later they cannot recall. With all this spare time at the moment, you may think that your father would like something practical like a toolbox, some garden shears or anything else that will help him complete the seemingly endless list of tasks he is aiming to complete during lockdown.  However….

…as Chris Tarrant used to say on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, we don’t want to give you that! What your father would much prefer would be something to ease the pain of the list he is fighting his way through and that’s where we come in!!!

 If your dad is a real ale lover(no he prefers lager I hear you say, well we have you covered with the lovely dry hopped Hunter lager, so no excuses!), why not treat him to some of our beers to show him you care. You can order the beers in the online shop (Discount Code: Panther 200621, £5 off your purchase), you can pop in and pick up some beer(call beforehand to confirm we will be open) or if you prefer please give us a ring and order on the brewery landline of 01603 871163. The last delivery day on the week before Father’s Day is likely to be either Thursday 18th or Friday 19th so please contact us prior to this and we will get your dad his beer for the big day!!!


Have a lovely Father’s Day and cheers from the Panther team!