At Panther HQ the Panthers have realised that beer has become part of a renaissance in British food.  We brew our ale with love and passion and use only the finest local sustainable ingredients and the same can be said of food.   Everyone is a winner from better beer, right from the farmer to the brewer to the pub or restaurant to the drinker.  At this festive time, we enjoy both food and beer so we have decided to be “trendy” (although none of us have the Hipster beard yet!) and explain how we think you may like to match our ales with your favourite Christmas foods along with a brief description of why we think this is the case. We will be posting our suggestions on Facebook and Twitter throughout December.

Our range of Panther breeds offer a variety of flavours that are far wider than you will encounter with wines.  And with every style you can fine tune to match with the food.  The following table is a quick and easy food and drink matching guide for this festive season.