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Hello all! With all the uncertainty surrounding us at the moment, we all need something uplifting don’t we? Well look no further than next week, as we welcome National BBQ Week! Let’s face it, everyone loves a ‘barbie’ and whilst you cannot currently invite all your lovely relatives(and even the ones you don’t like(give them the burnt sausage you dropped on the ground!)) you can dust off the barbecue and tongs and treat your household to a lovely early evening BBQ. Local butchers and bakers will be delighted to help you with the meat and bread and for those looking for a meat free barbie, the veggie options for a barbecue have improved remarkably in recent years(still having nightmares about those early days veggie ‘sausages’!).

And, of course you’ll need something light and refreshing to wash down your fifteenth hot dog or burger, well luckily we have just the beers for you! Whilst we personally would have any style of beer with our barbie, we very much recommend beers such as our Jungle IPA, Berry Bite and Hunter. The Jungle is brewed to 5.5%, brimming with juicy hops for a tropical taste, whilst our lovely Berry Bite is a fruity little number(as Keith Floyd used to say about his seventh Rioja on his cookery shows), 5.5% crammed with sweet berry aromas. These two are available in 330ml aluminium bottles, so if you develop a craving for them and are prone to dropping bottles they will not cause you a BRI, a barbecue related injury! The third beverage we would recommend is Hunter, our delicious dry hopped craft lager. 4.5%, you will find this great addition to our range is crisp and refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to the food.

We have taken the liberty of also looking at the forecast for next week and it looks like ideal barbecue weather, with lots of sunshine coming our way. And anyway, so what if it gets a bit chilly, once you’re on your fifth bottle of Panther beer, third burger and you’ve got your cagoule and scarf on you won’t care anyway!

Keep an eye out for us next Wednesday in the EDP supplement about the week’s events. So have a burger on us and enjoy National BBQ Week!

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