Called (perhaps unsurprisingly!), Platinum Jubilee Pale Ale, the new beer will be available in 500ml bottles and cask
Panther Brewery owner Martin James explains:
“We have brewed a beer that is refreshing and distinctive and was created to mark the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth ll. We believe its appeal will meet a wide audience. We have selected a range of juicy hops from around the world, including Commonwealth countries, such as Moteuka from New Zealand. We continue to support our local farmers and have used locally grown barley and wheat that has been malted 20 mins away from the brewery by the Crisp Malting Group at Great Ryburgh”.
Brewery Sales Manager Danny Holdom added:
“Platinum will be a welcome addition to our range, and we cannot wait for you all to taste it. As we move into Spring, it seemed the perfect time to launch a wonderfully light, refreshing beer bursting with juicy hops! And the great news is if you want to raise a second or third glass to the Queen, we have kept the ABV sensible at 3.9%! So keep an eye out for Platinum in the pubs, shops and events and if you can’t make it to the pub, let us know and we’ll deliver it by Royal Appointment to your door!!!”
Platinum Jubilee Pale Ale is the perfect beer to enjoy at the Jubilee celebrations being held across the country and locally in Norfolk, it’s a FACT! Please get in touch if you would like our beer for your events and if you want us to set up a bar our Panther team would be delighted to help.