Latest news from Panther HQ!!!


Hello all you lovely people! Welcome to the latest blog! So, what have we been up to since the last post?

Well much the same really! We are still brewing but obviously putting the majority in bottles at the mo. Recent brews have included the popular Beast, Honey, Golden, Black, and the celebratory brew Decade. The intention for Decade was to limit it to 2020 but our faithful customers liked it so much we’ve brewed it again!!! Martin has tinkered with it slightly, still using English hops and Norfolk malts to deliver that Panther taste to your doorstep.

Speaking of doorsteps, those of you in Norfolk who have recently had beer delivered by me, will have noticed a fashion change! Gone is the Norwich City FC mask of my beloved Canaries, and has been replaced by a Panther mask! So if you see a strange man walking up your drive with a slightly frightening mask on, fear not, it is me and I bring you beer!!!

I’ve also just compiled a new quiz, so hopefully it takes your mind off the world for a few minutes. Apparently, the questions are much easier if you’re quaffing our beer at the same time, and frankly, if you have a few bottles you won’t care if you’ve failed to trouble the scorers!!! A worrying trend continues as many are finding the beer questions easier!

Amid the continuing chaos of the world around us, behind the scenes we are looking forward positively to better times. This involves planning for events this summer, so please keep an eye on our social media feeds for info on upcoming events we will be attending (pandemic permitting).

On the topic of social media, I have been posting regularly in recent weeks about everything from brews to Groundhog Day! The recent period of inclement weather was highlighted as I discovered that whilst I generally love the snow, I don’t particularly like delivering in it!!! Your likes and interest in these posts are much appreciated.


Latest TV!!


As your resident TV critic, I thought I would highlight a few shows that may interest you as we spend another evening staring at our screens!

A new series of Hypothetical is now on our screens and is a good way to take your mind off the outside world. Presented by two of the country’s best comedians in James Acaster and Josh Widdicombe, two teams of comedians do battle to impress James and Josh with their solutions to hypothetical scenarios. It is worth a watch just to see James joining in with the fun and games, his comic timing is right up there in my opinion. Red haired and usually head to toe in corduroy of some description, he is a very funny man!

Inside the Zoo has also recently appeared on our screens, with the usual array of strange characters from the animal kingdom. Featuring Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park, thus far the show has thankfully centred more on the animals than the keepers, unlike many recent zoo programmes.

Drama wise, this time of year is often associated with new series releases of quality dramas. This is borne out with a couple of shows this week. James Nesbitt appears in Bloodlands which looks worth following. Produced by Line of Duty’s Jed Mercurio it certainly has the right man behind it.

Unforgotten has returned for a new series with the brilliant Nicola Walker back as DCI Cassie Stuart. The last series was one of the best dramas I’d seen on tv for a while, and no doubt she will be in frame for all the usual awards again this year. The quality of the cast this series is enhanced further by the addition of the wonderful Sheila Hancock!

Finally, Would I Lie To You continues to provide some light relief with host Rob Brydon trying each week to shoehorn his trademark Ronnie Corbett impression in to the show! The banter between himself, Lee Mack and David Mitchell would actually make it watchable even if the guests were awful!!!


Thank you all for continuing to support us, and see you soon!!!