Bee Happy Panther Brewery Honey Golden Ale Gift Pack


Bee Happy Panther Brewery Gift Pack containing 2 bottles of Panther Honey Golden Ale, a Panther pint glass and a packet of Bee Friendly Native Wildflower Seeds to plant out. The bottles of Real Ale are all bottled conditioned so we recommended pouring slowly in one go leaving any sediment in the bottle. Panther Brewery is a small micro brewery based in Reepham Norfolk. The Native Wildflower seed mix (2g) is from John Chambers Wildflowers, and planting instructions are included.



  • Honey Golden Ale, ALC. 4% VOL., is light and refreshing made with real Norfolk honey.
  • Bee friendly wildflower native seed mix (2g) to plant out and help our pollinating friends.
  • Panther pint glass.