Seeing Red

We are continuously striving to keep our beers fresh and exciting for the palate, along with creating a range which is diverse yet has a harmonise quality keeping the range as one. As mentioned towards the start of 2017 we would be condensing our range of beers to create a core range and a group of seasonal and speciality products. Our head brewer has been reworking the core range of Golden, Red, Black, and Beast Of The East, with the addition of the permanently available American Pale Ale to create the range which is broad yet uniformed.

Recently we agreed that our Red ale needed to be adjusted to fit into the range more effectively, along with the direction that the brewery is going with its flavour profiles of the beers. So we are happy to announce the release of our refined Red Panther from July 20th. Still staying true to it’s roots, the changes are subtle and we were looking to refine the product rather than create a whole new one. Increased Rye content and a considered blend of darker malts give a rich fruit and nut quality to the beer, which is complimented by a traditional English hop character in the boil and late additions of American Cascade for a fruity overtone. We are very happy with the new direction for our Red Panther and the beer will remain a key part of our portfolio available in both cask and 500ml bottle conditioned bottles all year round.


If you like hops as an extreme sport, keep your eyes peeled for the release of our seasonal Autumn Rye IPA coming out from the start of September. More info to follow on that soon…


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