These terms and conditions govern the use of Panther Brewery ‘Golden Offer’ reward scheme.

  1. Golden offer is open to all UK Publicans.
  2. The Publican will receive one bite token, on each single firkin of Golden Panther and on each 36 pint caskfresh purchased. The Publican is able to earn multiple points in a single transaction if multiple casks of Golden Panther are purchased.
  3. To take part in the Golden Offer, Publicans are required to place the bite token sticker from the cask or caskfresh onto their points card upon delivery of the cask of Panther Ale. Once the Publican has collected the required number of Bite Tokens on their Golden Offer loyalty card, this may be redeemed with Panther Brewery against a list of Rewards detailed on the Panther Brewery website by submitting the completed card to the delivery driver with the wanted prize written on the card and/or alternatively contacting Panther Brewery on 01603 871163.
  4. Panther Brewery reserves the right to change the list of Rewards when necessary.
  5. When redeeming rewards from the Golden Offer, the publicans’ bite tokens must also correspond with Panther Brewery’s invoice record.
  6. Bite Tokens are non-transferable. There are no alternative free products or cash substitutes.
  7. Panther Brewery will undertake to process all applications within a 28 day period, from Panther Brewery receiving the completed Golden Offer loyalty card, to despatching the Reward to the Publican. In some cases this may not be possible.
  8. Brewery tours and meet the brewer events taken as a Reward must be booked in advance with Head Brewer Martin James.
  9. Panther Brewery will not replace lost Bite tokens and cannot be held responsible for Golden offer loyalty cards and bite tokens lost in transit to Panther Brewery.
  10. Panther Brewery cannot be held responsible for rewards once they have left its control and will not be held responsible for lost, delayed or undeliverable mail.
  11. Any Rewards redeemed by a Publican with an outstanding credit balance will be withheld by Panther Brewery until the balance has been settled.
  12. Panther Brewery reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the Golden Offer at any time.
  13. Panther Brewery reserves the right to amend, cancel or withdraw the Golden Offer at any time.
  14. Panther Brewery may refuse to redeem rewards if Panther Brewery reasonably considers the scheme is being used fraudulently.
  15. Photocopies, torn, defected, illegible or incomplete Golden Offer loyalty cards will not be accepted.
  16. Panther Brewery decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  17. By using the Golden Offer, entrants will be deemed to be bound by and have accepted the terms and conditions.