The prayers of many football lovers have been answered with the news that Premier League footy will return on Wednesday the 17th of June.

However, your feelings on this matter may differ depending on your allegiance to certain clubs. Supporters of clubs such as Sheffield United, that were having a great season will be itching to see their teams again, albeit on television rather than ‘live’ on the terraces. Norwich supporters may secretly have been hoping for the rumours of voiding the season to become reality and thus not face relegation!

It is though generally agreed that, providing it is safe to do so, the return of footy is a positive and will provide a lift to the country, although annoyingly our Sky Sports subscriptions will now return to full price following the ‘pause’ during the stricter lockdown times!!!

Hope springs eternal that Norwich will somehow avoid ‘the drop’ by transforming themselves into a winning machine following the hiatus. The cynics will say, in the words of Frazer in Dad’s Army, ‘we’re doomed’ and that having collected a meagre 21 points from the opening 29 games, how on earth could they collect sufficient points from the remaining 9 fixtures to stay up. Danny, our sales manager, is a keen Norwich supporter and was very much hoping for the void season to transpire, but now is seemingly hoping for a miracle such as someone other than Pukki to find the net, Grant Hanley to find not just one but two yards of pace, and if all else fails, Lionel Messi to finally admit that Norwich City and not Barcelona are his true love, and he will join the mighty Canaries in a loan deal that will shock the football world!

Paul, our brewing assistant is a huge supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers who find themselves currently in sixth, with the possibility of qualifying for European competition next season, and a healthy 22 points ahead of Norwich. With Norwich’s early season form shown against Man City, banter between them was good with Danny not so quietly confident that ‘I think we’ll finish around mid table.’ Paul, to his credit, has not teased about the point gap and how the season has turned out, with the exception of the appearance of his beloved Wolves top on the Monday morning following their hammering of the Canaries.

Looking at Norwich’s last nine games, it looks incredibly tough for them, with away trips to Chelsea, Arsenal and just little Man City for the last game! However, Danny is clinging to the thought that with no crowds for these away games, Norwich may pull off what would be a quite miraculous survival and thus ensure another season of friendly banter between himself and Paul.

So put that ‘to do’ list to one side and settle back in the armchair and raise a glass (or two) to the return of the beautiful game!